If you own or are looking for investment properties across the North East we would love to talk to you……

Atterway is a fast growing company that is dedicated to providing a great service for both Landlords and Tenants.

We advertise on Main portals such as OnTheMarket, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our aim is to make it affordable for tenants to move, when a tenant has to pay the deposit and rent up front having a high tenant application fee is not sustainable and you may find that some of the best tenants are walking by your property because they cannot afford the agents fees. We are able to work with the tenant and Landlord to make sure we are affordable for the property you are advertising with us.

We provide a Tenant find service or a Full Management Services The Tenant find service is geared towards experienced Landlords who's day-to-day business is the management of their portfolio or their portfolio is small enough not to take up to much of their own time. The majority of our clients choose the Fully Managed option as this provides a complete service from start to finish, offering you peace of mind and the satisfaction that your property is in capable hands, as well as being completely Tax deductible.

As well as providing a service for your current portfolio we can also find the right property for your next investment or growing Portfolio, some agents may see you as a cash cow and rush to sell you the wrong properties, either the wrong area or the wrong property for your needs. Atterway will only sell a Landlord a property that we know we could both rent and sell again later down the line.

We will work with you to find the best properties for your portfolio, it is important to have diversity within a property portfolio and we can work with you to advice what is your next best move whether it be rental yield or future value of the property

Atterway can act as your one stop shop, we can source, buy, renovate, advertise, manage and sell your property all under the same roof. Giving you peace of mind that we have your investment in good hands.

If you would like to talk more about the services we can offer please feel free to contact us.